Communications and Strategy Manager



Job Title: Communications and Strategy Manager

Department: Communications

Normal Hours of work: As Business dictates

Normal place of work: Parktown, Johannesburg

Job Classification: Managerial

Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer

Job Grade:

Last Review: November 2020

Manage the development and implementation of the MDDA’s Corporate strategy, Annual Performance Plan and Operational Plans. Responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan and to gather intelligence on the future areas, operations, and administration of MDDA by advising and informing Board members to fully deliver and report on the strategic actionable objectives. Drive the Communications and Stakeholder Relations Unit to ensure MDDA brand is visible and its reputation is enhanced through communication and stakeholder engagement initiatives and through partnerships.

Integrity: We are honest, transparent, reliable, fair, accountable and responsible for our actions
Ubuntu: We are empathetic, courteous and respectful to our staff and clients alike
Professionalism: We are efficient, effective, service delivery orientated, punctual, performance driven and work collectively
Commitment: We are passionate, go the extra mile, responsive, have a strong work ethic, are consistent and accessible
Developmental: We are inclusive, open and participatory in our dealings with internal and


Strategic Planning and Performance Monitoring:

o Lead and direct the development and implementation of strategy, annual performance plan and operational plans of the Agency.
o Manage performance monitoring and evaluation processes of the plans annually.
o Facilitate the development of the multi-year strategic and business plans in line with thegovernment processes and procedures, prescripts, and frameworks.
o Develop the MDDA’s annual reports. Coordinate the submission and consolidation of quarterly reports to management, Audit and Risk Committee, the Board to the Executive Authority and Oversight Bodies.
o Manage and review the Agency’s strategic management framework, in line with that of government.
o Facilitate the tabling of the Strategic Plans, Annual Performance Plans, Quarterly and Annual Reports to the Board, Executive Authority and Parliament.
o Oversee management in service delivery relating to the strategic plan.
o Chair strategic implementation meetings for the various thematic areas as defined in the strategic plan document and possible variations thereof as may be deemed by the internal and external operation environment
o Ensure that Business Units develop and implement planning and M&E policies, annual operational plans, budgets, and strategic review plans.  
o Assist the CEO to ensure that the Agency fulfils its mission, vision, programs, and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders
o Collate and present strategic intelligence for future planning.
o Set timetable and process for review of the strategic plan and advise on redevelopment in the run up to the next strategic period.
o Coordinate the Board’s and Staff annual strategy review sessions.
o Develop processes, systems, and procedures to efficiently carry out the function.
Leadership Management

o Implementing the activities of the Unit.
o Manage effective communication within the Agency.
o Manage and create a conducive environment for highly motivated and productive staff for the team
o Manage Staff performance
o Develop work performance standards for both employees and review committees for the team in consultation with the Executive
o Planning for the team’s future needs and operations in consultation with the Executive.
o Train the MDDA and other staff on developmental areas that will make them perform optimally.
o Train MDDA especially the Programming Development staff on raising awareness and knowledgeon the mandate of MDDA.
Financial Management

o Prepare communications, branding, advertising, and strategic planning budget for approval by the Board.
o Ensure the Unit’s programmes and services are cost-effective and maintain an acceptable level of quality
o Oversee the fiscal activities of the Unit including budgeting, reporting, and auditing.
Communications & Stakeholder Management

o Provide overall support and management of stakeholder relations on behalf of the MDDA.
o Prepare and distribute marketing and branding materials.
o Prepare and place advertising, promotion and branding materials for MDDA.
o Organize and host MDDA expos, roadshows, events and functions.
o Serve as an internal spokesperson of the MDDA.
o Ensure positive image of the MDDA.
o Encourage the use of social media platforms by all in the MDDA. Lead the entity’s visibility in these platforms.
o Maintain the website as the face of the Entity.
o Ensure presentation of MDDA activities are disseminated timeously to all stakeholders.
o Ensure community media development initiatives are communicated to communities and develop relations with the communities.
o Develop and maintain media relationships.
o Ensure MDDA develops messages to stakeholders.
o Prepare and implement communications calendar for internal MDDA events.
o Ensure marketing materials are prepared and distributed timeously.
o Manage information dissemination of Board decisions to MDDA staff.
o Work closely with internal teams to understand the business challenges/opportunities and to assist in developing relevant communications programs that will maximize the organisation’s growth potential
Management and Administration

o Provide general oversight of the Agency’s activities.
o Manage the day to day to day operations of the Unit.
o Oversee smooth, functioning, and efficient operations of the Unit.
o Oversee internal communications quality.
o Promote quality implementation standards and control of internal communications programmes.  

Manage the preparation Communications & Strategy budget.
Report to CEO on variances from the established budget, and the reasons for those variances.
Assist management in the formulation of its overall strategic and operational plans.

Team-player – colleague interrelations
Good interpersonal skills
Leadership and management skills

Internal – All staff, Board, GCIS and Ministry in The Presidency.

External –All visitors, MDDA Beneficiaries, Service providers/vendors

Communications and interpersonal skills

3-year Degree or National Diploma in Communications, Business Management, or an equivalent from an accredited institution. Minimum of 5 -7 years relevant experience in Communications or Marketing or Stakeholder Management. At least 5 years in strategy coordination, performance information and other related activities.

Leadership Competencies
Resource Management; Results Management; Planning and Organising
Behavioral Competencies
Relationship Building; Analytical Thinking; Achievement Orientation; Attention to Detail; Problem Solving
Technical Competencies
Legislation Policies, Procedures and Standards; Enforcement; Business Perspective

Ability to focus on the vision and to communicate that vision to stakeholders.
Ability to work independently and as a team
A valid (unendorsed) drivers’ license – Code B
Abreast of industry trends
Knowledge of South Africa’s socio-political and economic environment and its impact to media development