Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager
Cape Town, Western Cape


Posted 08 July 2021

Job Details

Job Description

About the role:

Digital Marketing Manager for News24 subscription service.  Driving subscriptions and engagement across various channels through innovative, data driven digital marketing campaigns.

We are currently seeking an experienced, passionate digital leader to drive the digital marketing strategy for new digital subscriptions and the retention of these subscribers.  We’re looking for a super smart star player with bags of passion and experience in digital subscriptions marketing who’ll play a pivotal role in taking us to the next level.

You’ll be absolutely obsessed with managing and optimising integrated campaigns in order to smash targets and deliver the best bang for our buck from your performance marketing tactics.  You will have strong knowledge of digital marketing and data insights, customer acquisition and retention strategies, email and newsletter strategies, subscription management, social media trends, organic / paid search, web analytics, A/B testing, automated marketing, mutli-touchpoint attribution analysis and related CRM technologies.  The successful candidate will compile and execute digital subscription growth and retention campaigns by delivering on a set strategy within a set time frame in collaboration with cross-company teams.


Job Outputs:

  • Contribute to identifying business objectives and Marketing’s role in achieving them
  • Ability to influence innovation and encourage collaboration across the business to drive subscriptions & retention
  • Budget management: production of spend plans that break advertising spend down into media types, creative formats, audiences, etc, as guidance in the execution of these campaigns
  • Manage and analyse marketing campaigns, user retention efforts, paid acquisition numbers and virality to guide budget allocations across networks and seek cross-promotion opportunities
  • Oversee weekly and monthly reporting by the marketing team to the campaign stakeholders and confident in presenting analysis, diagnosis and solutions
  • Strong strategic thinking, planning, and priority setting
  • Customer centric (acts with customers in mind), focused on customer data and analytics
  • Take a comprehensive approach to drive awareness, user retention and acquisition through multiple channels
  • Develop, recommend, and execute retention marketing programs and CRM initiatives to drive repeat users and brand perception
  • Managing lead generation and acquisition agencies (internal and external) to deliver audiences growth and engagement in line with targets
  • Shows continual willingness to upskill and learn to keep up with industry best practices


Skills and competencies:

  • Strong project management skills – prior experience of managing (leading) projects involving cross functional teams is preferred
  • Expert project planning skills, including the ability to organise, prioritise and control job responsibilities
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • An innovative and creative approach
  • Strong Budget Management Skills
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Able to work cross-functionally
  • Exceptional time management, attention to detail and team-working skills.


 Qualifications and experience:

  • Marketing Degree or Similar
  • 5+ years Marketing Management experience gained across digital channels
  • Google360 experience with high competency in Google Analytics
  • Data analysis and data manipulation experience (Excel or equivalent)


Closing date: 16 July 2021


Given the employment equity policy of Media24, preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups.