DR TB Coordinator-NIMDR Nurse


Isibani: DR TB Coordinator-NIMDR Nurse

Opportunity closing date:
Tuesday, 16 March, 2021
Opportunity type:

Isibani Development Partners is a South African-registered NGO, launched in 2011 to become a leading local technical assistance provider, systems strengthening and grants manager for health and social service in Southern Africa. Isibani has been appointed by the National Department of Health to serve as one of the Sub-Recipients (SRs) for the GLOBAL FUND TB/HIV program in Ekurhuleni and City of Johannesburg. Isibani seeks to appoint DR TB Coordinator.

Job Overview:

The DR TB Coordinator will be placed at the district level. He/she will oversee the DR-TB ADSM, linkage to care and oversee the adherence programme across the district. Using quality improvement methodology, the DR TB coordinator will support capacity building and mentorship activities across all levels.

Main Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist with coordinating comprehensive clinical care with other health professionals
  • Help to monitor inpatient, out-patients and refer to DR-TB trained Doctor when appropriate
  • Assist with coordinating household assessment, discharge of patients and linkage to facility-based (outpatients) /stepdown/community-based care model of services
  • Manage the weekly DR-TB outpatient clinic, ensuring that there is a functioning filing system and laboratory results are retrieved and recorded before the patient is attended to for the monthly review
  • Support Enrolled Nurses placed at facilities to facilitate linkage to care; adherence counselling and support; retention in care and access to new treatment regimens
  • Support provision of LTBI treatment, including fluoroquinolone for contacts of DR-TB index patients
  • Manage and coordinate facility-based and community-based MDR-TB care
  • Develop MDR-TB continuous quality improvement programs for nurses and other health professionals at all levels of care
  • Monitor patient management (MDR-TB register/EDR web) and compile monthly reports
  • Support ongoing psycho-social and treatment adherence support to MDR-TB patients
  • Identify professional gaps and qualification needs, create awareness and train nurses and mentor for development and in the care of targeted populations.
  • Provide workshops, training, coaching and support on implementation of ‘’Injection free regimen”, health care guidelines, SOPs and DoH standards.

1. Provide technical assistance in DR-TB, DS-TB and TB/HIV prevention, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Provide clinical support (assessment, collaboration, education, interventions, mentoring) as needed to all NIMDR nurses on HIV/ MDR-TB co-infected patients with complex needs
  • Develop programs of care that meet the needs of the targeted population.
  • Perform as a role model for standard behaviours; provide consultation for high risk patients identified.
  • Monitors patients care for compliance to standards and communicates non-compliance issues and provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Ensure Audit compliance with core metrics of NIMDR program to improve quality care delivery
  • Ensure clinical record keeping adheres to criteria.
  • Apply infection control measures within the practice according to local and national guidelines.
  • Ensure safe storage, rotation and disposal of vaccines and drugs is undertaken. Monitor stocks.

2. Provide professional nursing and consultation according to the SANC-code of conduct

  • Prioritise, organize and manage own workload and give input on patient’s clinical governance.
  • Manage and assess risks to protect staff and patients.
  • Collaborate in partnership with other clinical teams on improving the quality of health care and up to date and completeness of records of patient consultation.
  • Keep abreast of new developments in the fieldwork effectively and co-operatively with others to establish and improve working relationships.

3. Stakeholder engagement and Reporting

  • Provide input in the development of staff weekly work plans and performance reviews
  • Produce district reports according to health care indicators.
  • Provide weekly work plans to line manager and participate in regular implementation reviews to address challenges and implementation issues.
  • Attend HAST information meetings and communicate changes in programme outcomes to key stakeholders
  • Meet quarterly with HIV prevention, TB management to support alignment with Department of Health (DOH) guidelines
  • Manage regular engagement with relevant stakeholders as assigned by program manager to support optimal programme implementation

Qualification and Skills:

  • Degree in Nursing i.e. Professional nurse (General, Community & Psychiatry)
  • Fluency in English and any other two or more local South African languages
  • Registered with the South African Nursing
  • Has been trained as a NIMDR-TB Nurse (with Competency certification)
  • Must have valid driver’s license

Work Experience / expertise

  • Minimum 5 years
  • Experience with supervising / mentoring
  • 2-3 years’ experience in NIMDR-TB Programs
  • Experience with clinical governance in primary health care, Decentralized/Satellite sites
  • Understanding of quality checks and EDR-Web reporting systems
  • Strong experience with various health care protocols related to SA TB and HIV/AIDS services
  • Experience with community health program planning

Suitable candidates to send applications at applications@isibani.org.za
Subject “DR TB Coordinator-NIMDR Nurse – District Name”: (please indicate the district you are applying for)
Closing date: Thursday, 16 March 2021
Kindly note only shortlisted candidates will be notified