Environmental Practitioner

Environmental Practitioner
Icon Finding Services (Pty) Ltd.
Kriel, Mpumalanga


Posted 06 September 2021

Job Details

Job Description

Job Intent:
To provide technical expertise in development and application of statutory and non- statutory environmental authorisations requirements across company, gain stakeholder support and understanding and keep abreast with new legislation and best practice.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Certificate Mine Environmental Control ( Essential/Minimum )
  • BSc (Hons) / Similar – Environmental Management ( Essential/Minimum )
  • Min 6 to 8 years Environmental Operations
  • Min 3 years Environmental Management


  • Participate in evaluation of discipline-specific standards, principles and practice to enable planning, design and implementation of outcomes that support business strategy
  • Provide technical advice and input into best practice models
  • Ensure audit process and continuous improvement of all Projects and initiatives in discipline
  • Pursue exchange and preservation of information within group to facilitate effective knowledge management
  • Identify needs and support line management wrt environ authorisations compliance
  • Facilitate development of environ authorisations assessments to make recommendations and provide direction to new initiatives
  • Use appropriate governance structures to report on all comm dev risks
  • Ensure implementation of environ authorisation standards to allow ops to comply with statutory and non statutory requirements
  • Provide specialist input during development of group wide standards, policies and procedures
  • Provide specialist input during development of effective risk management framework whereby statutory and non statutory compliance is achieved
  • Participate in development and implementation of effective SHEC management systems
  • Scan environment for any legislative changes and impacts thereof on organisation
  • Proactively engage with community on a continuous basis to understand material issues and impacts
  • Support development of environmental authorisations KPA’s
  • Maintain good relationships with customers
  • Understand customer needs and provide solutions
  • Respond to customer queries as per SLA’s
  • Address all customer complaints as per service management policies and guidelines
  • Continuously endeavour to improve service delivery
  • Ensure customer satisfaction is maintained within the service management targets
  • Make inputs into strategies aimed at directing organisation
  • Provide input in development and implementation of waste strategies for customers and surrounding communities as required
  • Provide specialist input in development and implementation of corrective actions
  • Communicate potential impact of legal developments in environmental authorisations discipline
  • Maintain and ensure a healthy environment, safe operations and practices, ensuring compliance with all applicable SHEC policies and procedures in line with set standards
  • Encourage a culture that focuses on safety in all operations
  • Identify service performance improvement opportunities associated with area of responsibility
  • Ensure internal customers are satisfied with delivery of services
  • Provide inputs into budget
  • Adhere to cost control measures
  • Provide guidance and support during execution of projects
  • Use expertise to support intelligent buy in strategy for the client
  • Give input into strategies aimed at directing organisation on environmental issues
  • Assist in developing anv risk register, assessment and reporting strategy and implementation plan
  • Assist developing group wide legal compliance for ISO/OSHAS certification management standards
  • Identify and define related benchmark and implement Reporting  strategy, plans, policies, management standards and procedures