1. Notice
The Minister for Human Settlements, Honourable Mmamoloko Kubayi, hereby invites the
nomination of persons to be appointed to serve on to serve on the Board of the Housing
Development Agency (HDA).
2. Establishment of the Entity and its Mandate
The HDA is a public entity established in terms of the Housing Development Agency Act,
2008 (Act No. 23 of 2008), “the Act”. It is an entity classified under Schedule 3 of the Public
Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999). The HDA is mandated to do the
(a) Develop a development plan to be approved by the Minister in consultation with
the relevant authorities in the provinces and municipalities;
(b) Develop strategic plans with regard to the identification and acquisition of state,
privately and communal owned land which is suitable for residential and
community development;
(c) Prepare necessary documentation for consideration and approval by the relevant
authorities as may be required in terms of any other applicable law;
(d) Monitor progress of the development of land and landed property acquired for the
purposes of creating sustainable human settlements;
(e) Enhance the capacity of organs of state including skills transfer to enable them to
meet the demand for housing delivery;
(f) Ensure that there is collaboration and intergovernmental and integrated alignment
for housing development services;
(g) Identify, acquire, hold, develop and release state, privately and communal owned
land for residential and community development;
(h) Undertake such project management services as may be necessary, including
assistance relating to approvals required for housing development;
(i) Contract with any organ of state for the purpose of acquiring available land for
residential housing and community development for the creation of sustainable
human settlements;
(j) Assist organs of state in dealing with housing developments that have not been
completed within the anticipated project period;
(k) Assist organs of state with the upgrading of informal settlements; and
(l) Assist organs of state in respect of emergency housing solutions.
3. Composition of the Board
In terms of section 9(2)(b)(i) the Board consists of two (02) executive members and seven
(7) non-executive members, which must include:
(i) a member designated by the Minister responsible for Public Works, to serve until
substituted by that Minister;
(ii) a member designated by the Minister responsible for Land Affairs, to serve until
substituted by that Minister; and
(iii) a member designated by the Minister responsible for Provincial and Local
Government, to serve until substituted by that Minister.
The Board is the Accounting Authority of the Agency and is responsible to-
(a) Give effect to the mandate contemplated in Section 8 of the Act and to the strategy
of the Agency in order to achieve the objectives of the Agency;
(b) Take decisions on behalf of the Agency and give effect to those decisions;
(c) Provide guidance to the Chief Executive Officer concerning the exercise of the
functions of the Agency;
(d) Notify the Minister immediately of any matter that may prevent or materially affect
the achievement of the objects or financial targets of the Agency; and
(e) Refer to the Minister any matter concerning the adverse functioning of the
In terms of section 12(4) of the Act, the candidates must have proven skills, knowledge
and experience in areas of:
(i) Risk management;
(ii) Financial management;
(iii) Township planning;
(iv) Project management;
(v) Engineering skills;
(vi) Transformation and diversity equity;
(vii) Land development,
(viii) Management, necessary for the efficient and effective performance of the Board’s
functions; and
(ix) The need for representation of historically disadvantaged persons.
The following attributes, when viewed collectively, will serve as an advantage for the
nominated candidates:
• Commitment to development and the principles of good corporate governance;
• Visionaries, who are able to formulate and implement strategy, define policies and
priorities consistent with the housing delivery responsibility of the government; and
• Theoretical and / or practical knowledge in housing policy development.
4. Term of Office
Section 12(7) of the Act, provides that a non-executive member of the Board holds office
for a period not exceeding three (3) years and may be reappointed on expiry of his or her
term but may not serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms of office.
5. Remuneration of the Board
Non-executive members other than those to be designated by any other Minister must be
paid from the revenue of the Agency such remuneration and allowances as may be
determined by the Minister from time to time, taking into consideration regulations and
guidelines issued by the Minister for the Public Service and Administration and the National
6. Nomination Procedure
Nominations should be submitted in writing and must have the following details:
(a) Full name and address of the persons or organisation nominating the candidate;
(b) A curriculum vitae of the candidate which must include: –
(i) Candidate’s full names, ID number and gender;
(ii) Contact address, cellphone / telephone and email address;
(iii) Certified copies of all qualifications;
(iv) At least two names and contact details of references; and
(c) A signed letter of acceptance of the nomination from the candidate.
7. Disqualification
A person may not be appointed as or remain a member of the Board if that persona) Is an unrehabilitated insolvent or becomes insolvent and the insolvency results in
the sequestration of that person’s estate;
b) Has been declared by a court of law to be mentally unfit;
c) Has been convicted, in the Republic or elsewhere, of theft, fraud, forgery, perjury
or any other offence involving honesty;
d) Has been convicted of any other offence, whether in the Republic or elsewhere,
committed after the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1993 (Act No. 200
of 1993), took effect, and sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine;
e) Has been, or is, removed from an office of trust on account of misconduct in
respect of fraud or the misappropriation of money;
f) Is otherwise disqualified from serving as a member of a Board in terms of the
Companies Act, 2008 (Act No. 71 of 2008); or
g) Has or acquires an interest in a business or enterprise, which may conflict or
interfere with the proper performance of the duties of a member of the Board.
8. Nomination Submission
Strict compliance with the nomination requirements is essential.
Nominations must be submitted via email on or before 19 September 2021 to
Dhsboardrecruitment@dhs.gov.za. Enquiries may be directed to Ms. S Ngxongo at 012 421
1770 / Ms. N Sambo at 012 421 1717/1742
N.B Women, youth and persons living with disability, are encouraged to apply.
Candidates who previously applied, are advised to re-apply. Correspondence will
be limited to the successful nominees.