Position Description
Junior School teachers are responsible for establishing and maintaining highly organised,
engaging and safe classroom environments. The establishment of a very productive
classroom environment is the responsibility of each teacher. The teacher is responsible for
ensuring an appropriate classroom tone that enables each student to learn well. The School
will provide support through the Head of Junior School and the Assistant Head of Junior
Classroom teachers are expected to
 Adhere to the vision and mission of the school
 Act in an ethical manner in accordance with the VIT Code of Ethics for Teachers
 Act in accordance with the VIT Professional Standards
 Display a high level of support of all members of the school community
 Support the School’s child safety culture by strict adherence to the Child Protection
Policy and Code of Conduct.
The position will be accountable and directly responsible to the Head of School and/or his
1. Classroom
 Create a classroom that is based on student engagement, rigorous learning, creativity
and high standards.
 Prepare a program that utilises a range of ways to engage students with different
learning styles.
 Develop classroom routines to enable the provision of remediation / consolidation /
extension as required.
 Provide targeted homework and assignments suitable for the skill and cognitive levels of
individual (all) students.
2. Assessment and Documentation
 Ensure that assessment – both formative and summative – is planned within the
documented course of study.
 Prepare and plan document course(s) of study consistent with AusVELS / VCE
 Provide curriculum documentation to the Assistant Head of Junior School – Teaching and
Learning, Head of School or Principal as required.
 Plan and document units of work and lessons to deliver the course outlined.
 Prepare and write accurate reports consistent with the School’s Report Style Guide and

3. Campus Related
 Display student work (in classrooms/corridors/assembly hall) and collect work, as
appropriate, for inclusion in the eHarp Newsletter or Year Book.
 Demonstrate involvement in the life of the School including festivals, commemorations,
sports days and other special events (inc. camps and assemblies).
 Contribute to the development of the School through initiating or assisting with the
development of new programs
 Contribute to the co-curricular life of the School
4. Student Medical Issues (Homeroom Teachers only)
 Via the Staff Portal, identify any students with serious medical issues, especially children
at risk of anaphylactic reactions, severe asthma, diabetes, etc.
 Collect completed Action Plans for children with Asthma/Anaphylaxis/Diabetes and post
copies in Staff Common Room and First Aid Room. Make copies to be taken on
excursions and off site sporting events.
 Hold a discussion with your class at beginning of year to raise awareness of anaphylaxis
with a few simple key messages, provided in Anaphylaxis Policy
 Meet with parents of these children to open lines of communication and complete Action
 Highly engaged students who are achieving to the best of their ability.
 An orderly classroom which encourages deep learning at all times.
 Students rewarded for intellectual effort
 Evidence of catering for different abilities and learning styles – through classroom tasks,
home learning and formative assessment
 Provision of well-written curriculum documents as required including units of work,
lesson plans and term planners.
 Parents who feel well-informed of their child’s academic progress and classroom
 Positive contributions to the overall life and spirit of the school.
1. Active involvement in all school forums
2. Involvement in relevant professional development.
3. Involvement with relevant professional associations and knowledge of latest
developments in professional discourse.
4. A high level of professional communication with parents.
5. Timely compliance with all aspects of submission of curriculum documents,
assessment & reporting timelines, and the Report Style Guide.

The King David School in Armadale is seeking a highly motivated, professional, and passionate educator to replace a teacher on maternity leave.

This is a Full Time Position commencing January 2022.

We are interested to hear from innovative teachers who seek new ways to engage all students in the classroom.

Applications, including CV and cover letter, should be emailed to:  hr@kds.vic.edu.au

Closing Date: 27 September 2021

The King David School in Melbourne is a co-educational progressive Jewish Day School catering for 800 students from Preschool to VCE. Our VCE students rank in the top 4% of the State. We value individuality and self-expression, a strong Australian identity, and students’ intellectual, cultural and social development within a progressive Jewish environment. The School is located in Armadale, and is well serviced by public transport.

We apologise in advance but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.