Junior Service Mechanic

Junior Service Mechanic
Fidelity Services Group
Johannesburg, Gauteng


Posted 07 July 2021 – Closing Date 16 July 2021

Job Details

Job Description

Perform Maintenance and Repairs

The primary duty of an automotive service technician is performing routine, scheduled, and emergency maintenance and repairs. This can range from simple tasks such as changing oil and rotating tires to complex operations such as transmission repair or replacement and engine rebuilds, depending on the automotive service technician’s area of specialization and level of expertise.

Repair and Replace Vehicle Parts

Automotive service technicians also repair and replace parts of vehicles that have worn out or are in danger of failure. This can include belts and hoses, as well as critical elements of vehicles such as engine parts. In this aspect of the role, the automotive service technician examines the parts and determines whether they can be repaired or if they pose an imminent safety hazard and should be replaced. The automotive service technician also ensures that replacement parts are correctly installed and functioning as expected.

Diagnose Mechanical and Electrical Issues

Diagnosis is another major part of the automotive service technician’s role. Using both electronic tools and visual inspections, along with issues reported by the customer, the automotive service technician determines the cause of vehicle issues or malfunctions. They may also perform a series of tests to eliminate possible causes of vehicle problems and ensure that they are correcting the right problem.

Provide Customer Service and Support

Automotive service technicians also interact directly with customers, providing them with information about vehicle problems and necessary maintenance tasks. This aspect of the role also involves preparing estimates and price quotes based on parts and service hours and providing the customer with options regarding replacement parts. Automotive service technicians also ensure that customers are fully informed about costs and options and agree to services before work begins.

Maintain Customer and Vehicle Records

Many automotive service technicians also maintain customer and vehicle records, working with printed copies of service records and computerized data. This part of the job can involve creating new customer records, maintaining vehicle information, reviewing registration and insurance details, and updating customer records to reflect recent service work and current vehicle and driver information.

Oversee Shop Safety and Cleanliness

Automotive service technicians also maintain safe and clean shops by removing parts and tools from work areas and adhering to safety protocols. This includes following established procedures for safe disposal of motor oil, tires, and other vehicle fluids. Additionally, an automotive service technician may monitor mechanics and assistants to ensure that they safely remove hazardous materials and return tools to shared workspaces