PA Secretary


Job Details

Job Description


  • Provide a secretarial/receptionist support service to the executive authority
  • Render an administrative support service to the executive authority.
  • Provide support to the executive authority with regard to meetings.
  • Assist the appointments secretary with constituency work of the executive authority.
  • Support the executive authority with private obligations.
  • Study the relevant Public Service and departmental prescripts/policies and other documents and ensure that the application thereof is understood properly.
  • Receive visitors to the office of the executive authority.
  • Direct enquiries/complaints to the relevant people.
  • Record/capture appointments, interviews and appearances of the executive authority.
  • Coordinate the diary of the executive authority.
  • Compile schedules of appointments for the executive authority.
  • Compile programs for official journeys of the executive.
  • Provide support in the coordination and maintenance of the office(s) and living accommodation of the executive authority.
  • Ensure that travel arrangements are properly made and well-coordinated.
  • Draft documents as required by the appointment’s secretary.
  • Collect, analyse and collate information as requested by the executive authority.
  • Liaise with SAPS for VIP security.
  • Receive, collect and check documents for meetings.
  • Monitor the schedule of the executive authority and submit RSVPs on behalf of the executive authority.
  • Receive calls and requests from the public within the constituency of the executive authority.
  • Liaise with role players in the constituency of the executive authority.


  • 1-2yrs administrative experience. Knowledge of ministerial operations
  • An appropriate one-year secretarial diploma or equivalent qualification