Payroll Adminstrator

Payroll Adminstrator
ADvTECH Support Office
Sandton, Gauteng


Posted 24 November 2021 – Closing Date 30 November 2021

Job Details

Job Description

Overall Purpose of the Job: 

To perform administrative functions relating to the payroll to enable accurate payment of salaries and employee benefits.

Educational Requirements: 

  • Higher Certificate / Diploma in Payroll Administration / Occupational Certificate Level 5 (NQF Level 5) with Mathematics and Accounting.

Experience Required: 

  • 8 years – Payroll Administration experience across all facets of a payroll function (monthly recons, statutory returns, COIDA, SARS, DoL, annual submissions etc.).


Output 1 – Salary and Benefits Administration:

  • Receives authorised payroll processing documents from divisions.
  • Checks to ensure that all payroll processing documentation is authorised by the correct line manager.
  • Receives schedules from sites, listing the payroll processing documents to ensure that all documentation has been received for processing as per the schedule received.
  • Processes all changes to the payroll for the month.
  • Liaises with Divisional HR departments on any queries or discrepancies regarding payroll processing documents received.
  • Ensures that the payroll authorisation reports are distributed to each site on completion of payroll processing.
  • All errors or omissions identified on the payroll authorisation reports must be investigated and corrected by the relevant party.
  • Addresses and resolves any anomalies picked up by brands/sites.

Output 2 – Monthly Internal Payroll Audit:

  • Prints audit reports to check if there is any incorrect information.
  • Addresses all South African Revenue Service (SARS) requirements and makes sure that all employees have valid tax numbers.
  • Monitors that all permanent employees are covered by a pension or provident fund.
  • Flags any staff members that have a zero net salary or have no earnings on the payroll for that month.
  • Flags any duplicate identity numbers and duplicate bank account details.
  • Flags all negative Non-Retirement Funding income.
  • Flags all Retirement Annuity and Pension Fund contribution excess limits.
  • Flags anomalies on a monthly IRP5 validation report.
  • Flags any employee who has not been linked for Retirement Funding income to accumulate.
  • Ensures that travel allowances reimbursed each month are linked to the correct IRP5 code as per SARS rules.

Output 3 – Third Party Payments:

  • Receives statements from service providers e.g. Medical Aid and Provident/Pension Fund.
  • Downloads reports from payroll system and reconciles the third party payments in preparation for accurate payments.
  • Balances third party payments to consolidated payroll reports for the month to ensure accuracy.
  • Submits final reconciliations to Payroll Manager for checking, prior to payments being made, once Senior HR Manager has authorised them.
  • Checks that all provident fund applications and withdrawals have been received and are fully completed, for onward transmission to the fund administrators.
  • Reports payroll cost for the month for each site’s payroll to the site for reimbursements to the salaries bank account.
  • Prepares journals per site of payroll costs to be posted to the general ledger.
  • Prepares monthly statistics depicting payroll costs, productivity, and effectiveness of the payroll department.

Output 4 – General Payroll Administration:

  • Prints and files all month end reports.
  • Files all journals for the month.
  • Addresses queries, e.g. lost IRP5’s.
  • Receives provident fund and pension fund benefit statements from the fund administrator, checks statements against the current employee control schedules and distributes to relevant Divisional HR departments for distribution to employees.


  • Analytical.
  • Numeracy.
  • Communication.
  • Planning.
  • Administrative.
  • Computer.
  • Advanced Excel capabilities.

Behavioural Attributes:

  • Firm.
  • Accurate.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Deadline Driven.
  • Independent.
  • Customer-centric