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Opportunity closing date:
Thursday, 26 August, 2021
Opportunity type:

To respond to poverty in the region by promoting savings groups as effective instruments for accessing financial services, building sustainable livelihoods and empowering women and other vulnerable groups.

To empower poor and vulnerable groups through social and economic mobilisation to become drivers of positive change.

SaveAct promotes social and economic justice and livelihood opportunities, by co-creating accessible and sustainable livelihood pathways for all.

Women & Youth in Sustainable Enterprise (WAYSE)

SaveAct is launching a large and challenging project that speaks to the needs of vulnerable women and youth in South Africa. The work seeks to build on the 100 000-member footprint of savings groups (SGs) in six provinces, and on into all provinces. The main focus will be on the development of livelihoods pathways for SG members, across rural and urban areas, and across enterprise, smallholder farming and employment opportunities. The project is savings group led. It is inter-disciplinary, and involves partners that bring technical expertise and geographical reach.

SaveAct seeks to hire the following personnel on a fixed-term-contract (20-24 months) basis:

1. Senior manager for project in Women & Youth in Sustainable Enterprise, National

SaveAct is building a national programme in livelihoods and enterprise through savings and financial literacy. SaveAct is seeking an experienced leader, who brings extensive experience in micro-enterprise and livelihoods development, with a focus on women and youth. A tertiary qualification with a minimum of five years’ experience is required. The candidate should be comfortable working with complex projects and diverse groups across South Africa, and have extensive experience in leading projects with NPO partners. They will be required to travel across different project sites, and will bring the experience and tools to manage a complex project that reaches over 100 000 members across South Africa. They should have excellent organisational and people skills, with strong analytical and planning capabilities.

This is an opportunity to learn and contribute to an expanding national programme, with potential for an extended role. The candidate should have content knowledge across asset-based economic development, micro-enterprise and savings group methods. They should be capable trainers and facilitators and able to build and develop partner relations.

The location of this position is negotiable. It includes provision for work-from-home arrangements, whilst requiring regular direct contact with the management team and preparedness to travel to different provinces.

The candidate will report to the Executive Director.

2. Regional Coordinator, Gauteng

The Gauteng regional coordinator will manage a small team of savings group and enterprise specialists, with a focus on women and youth. This candidate will be capable of managing staff well, and will ensure quality of practice. They should be skilled in facilitation and training. The candidate will be capable of representing SaveAct in the region and at times in other provinces. The candidate should be well versed in gender, youth, enterprise and livelihood opportunities in urban and to a lesser degree in rural areas. The candidate will be based in Gauteng at SaveAct’s satellite office.

The candidate will report to the Project Manager of the WAYSE initiative.

3. Two Field Officers, Gauteng

The candidate will be a good facilitator and trainer. They will have a sound knowledge of micro-business/ enterprise development, and be familiar with savings group methodology. They should show initiative and ability to build partnerships in sub-regions of the province. The candidate will be capable of applying specific training methodologies of the initiative.

The closing date for applications is: 26 August 2021.

Applicants should submit a letter of motivation (half to 1 page in length) as to why they believe they are a suitable candidate, specifying in the subject line which position they are applying for. Please send your application to:

SaveAct reserves the right not to make an appointment.